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CSNYC works to engage the K12 CS and broader education research community and to coordinate research into K12 CS in NYC in ways that translate into high-quality CS teaching and learning.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Engaging the research community: CSNYC will engage the local, national and international research communities in ways that stimulate their research activities, while facilitating and coordinating access to the NYC context.
  2. Conducting research: CSNYC will develop and disseminate research-based resources focused on teacher learning, student learning, and system integration.
  3. Build funding sources: CSNYC will coordinate and conduct research in ways that increase the likely success of proposals for funding
  4. Leverage expertise of the broader CS education community: CSNYC will engage its Education Advisory Committee (EAC), as well as local academics and those in the broader field, to review and guide its research activities.


Knowledge Forum

The CSNYC Knowledge Forum seeks to engage the CS education research community with practitioners and key decision-makers to ensure research and practice are building upon and informing each other. The centerpiece of the Knowledge Forum is an annual convening attended by researchers, practitioners, administrators, and funders. Programming for the Knowledge Forum is being designed to feature ongoing engagement that builds on the focus of the annual convening to sustain the research community’s connections with practice.


CSNYC is partnering with EDC, the NYC Department of Education, and the University of California, Berkeley, to bring the Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC), a college-level introductory computer science course, to NYC public high schools. This NSF-funded project is exploring how best to adapt the BJC curriculum to the new AP Computer Science Principles framework and test it with NYC’s diverse high school population. During the project’s three academic years, the program will train 100 teachers and provide them with ongoing support.

South Bronx Early College Academy

South Bronx Early College Academy (SBECA) is a new charter middle school with a project-based, liberal arts focus and a commitment to offer a rich CS learning experience to all of its students. CSNYC works with SBECA to investigate how CS can be integrated as a single subject and across the curriculum. The project focuses on: (1) building shared understandings of concepts that are central to SBECA’s academic model and its CS integration program; (2) applying the shared understandings of key CS concepts in backwards lesson planning and clarifying unit objectives; and (3) documenting the curriculum mapping process for each CS unit and for integrated units. The hope is to build tools and resources for the wider K12 CS community.


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